Trademark Watch/Maintenance Service
Cost Effective



GazetteWatch performs a weekly watch and review of the Official Gazette (OG) and the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) web site to determine if any identical or confusingly similar conflicting marks exist for a cost-efficient, fixed annual fee. Our watching service will alert you, the trademark owner, to the publication of potential confusing or conflicting names or designs which may infringe one or more of your trademarks, before they become registered trademarks. GazetteWatch will also watch the USPTO site for newly filed applications.GazetteWatch also prepares and files documents necessary to maintain your trademarks. Fee quotes available upon request.


As a trademark owner, it is your obligation to actively police the market and potential infringers in order to insure that your trademark rights remain intact. Diligence is not an option, it is a necessity.


The USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office)publishes a Weekly Trademark Gazette listing all names and designs which have been approved by the USPTO for registration as trademarks. Over 200,000 trademark applications are "published" each year. The USPTO publishes these potential trademarks and/or service marks in the Official Gazette to enable the general public to oppose any trademark that may infringe upon their rights prior to actual registration of the mark in question. GazetteWatch will insure that you are put on immediate notice of any potential infringing marks.

Opposition to potential trademarks must be received by the USPTO within thirty (30) days of publishing in the Official Gazette. This is a very short time period for the busy entrepreneur or corporation. GazetteWatch will be your partner in diligently protecting your valuable intellectual property.

Cost Effective

Gazette Watch will perform a weekly watching service to enable you to protect your existing trademarks/service marks and free up your valuable time for a minimal annual fee.


Fixed Annual Fee: $275.00 per mark - OG and newly filed and pending marks at USPTO

Official Gazette Weekly Watch: $150.00 per mark

Official Gazette Weekly Watch & Pending Design Watch: $290.00 per mark

Official Gazette Weekly Watch & USPTO Watch Service: $275.00 per mark

Domain Name Watch: $290.00 per mark

Company Name Watch: $225.00 per mark

Competitor Class Watch: $200.00 per mark

Color Application Watch: $225.00 per mark

Internet Watch Service: $285.00 per mark

Early Alert (Newly filed): $175.00 per mark

US State Watch: $275.00 per mark

International Estimates Available.


For additional watch services and pricing, see Purchase Services page.

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